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Some Body Strange

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The diversity of body representations produced by eleven artists coming from ENSAV La Cambre, mainly from the department of Drawing, is a testament to our world of change.

Bodies that are bruised, elongated, disassembled, bent and stretched out, fusing bodies. Bodies in waiting, doubled up, clustered, loving bodies, absent bodies, bodies serving as a base for a gesture. The drawings in the exhibition SOME BODY STRANGE reveal intimate visions, which are as fluid, bizarre and fictional, as they’re troubling or fantastic; all of them being an expression of the sensitive.

The works offer stunning versions of our reality and existence, resisting the metamorphoses of our society and the traces of the past. They also propose a poetic viewpoint, based on dreams, and allowing to imagine the future. Drawing, whether as an act or a medium, permits an enlightened and subtle realization of the notions of space and time. The sharpness of regards combined with different artistic expressions in the show provides us with a moment of unique sensibility, just like our breathing or heartbeat.

Dans le cadre de Brussels Drawing Week

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