Visual and graphic communication

The Visual and Graphic Communication studio aims to train creators who communicate a personal point of view through image and words: graphic designers, illustrators, designers and writers, committed to their practice and aware of the cultural, financial, aesthetic and ethical issues at stake. The studio aspires to play a role in the training of writers who contribute to a critical and sensitive reading of the contemporary world: citizens who shape ways of thinking, seeing and understanding.

Within the studio, graphic designers acquire a multidisciplinary vision (illustration, photography, artistic direction, writing, the design of multimedia communication objects). They have the ability to share, communicate, work and exchange ideas with others. The aim is to develop the critical sense and the engagement of our students in order to bring out an independent frame of mind turned towards pertinent and innovative concepts.

The studio’s mission is to equip the students with a methodology which enables them to structure their processes of creation and to define their intentions. The first year of the master’s degree places content at the centre of graphic practice. The students must demonstrate maturity and commitment. They use their abilities to analyse and provide summary overviews, as well as their critical sense and personal perspective, to tackle issues connected to today’s world, thanks to a methodology enabling a structuring of the process of thinking through and creating. The graduation year focuses on personal initiative and aims at autonomy. The students develop their project on a theme of their choice, asserting their position as creators. The studio privileges no exclusive practice: depending on the subject and its context, it encourages mixed approaches channelling various media.

Pedagogical coordination :
Nicolas Rome, graphic designer

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Juliette Farges, packaging pour muesli « Müst », B1
Anouk Girard, série d’affiches « Brexit or not Brexit ? », B1
Adèle Lippert, brochure typographique « De fontes en comble », B2
Evan Mollier, identité visuelle « Melt!ng », B2
Axel Villarreal, « Brigade Anti Fast-Fashion », B3
Carla Carla Petelski, « Mon Pradziadek », B3, « Mon Pradziadek »
Joséphine Suillaud, refonte du site internet du théâtre « NTH8 », B3
Lucie David, traitement graphique de l’information sur le sous-marin « La Minerve », M1
Cécile Cuny, « Mise en abyme au cœur de l’Artscience », collaboration avec le collectif OHME et l'ULB, M1
Laura Simonati, « Mariedl », projet de fin d’études, M2