In La Cambre’s Printmaking Department, the focus of studies is the development of a personal and innovative artistic practice through print. Making and thinking are activated simultaneously. The acquisition of printmaking skills as means of expression (woodcut, etching, drypoint, aquatint, lithography, screenprinting) is inseparable from the embracing of print as an open and expanded field of research. The Printmaking department draws its strength from the diversity of its students. Each one of them is encouraged to develop his.her own creative potential and critical discourse. Cooperative mechanisms are activated and encouraged. Students are the printmaking studios’ co-administrators. They participate in its daily managing, and to publications, exhibitions, and their diffusion.

The Printmaking BA cycle programme aims to help students develop their creative personality through the acquisition of printmaking technical skills and the use of traditional techniques in a prospective and experimental spirit. Tradition is used not to perpetuate what is already known, but to raise new questions and generate new practices. The Printmaking MA cycle programme aims to confront students with a broader view of print as an expanding field of research. Contextualisation, distribution, economic and social relevance, are all subject to discussion and experimentation. MA students are encouraged to create their own networks of production, collaboration and dissemination.

The Printmaking teaching staff are practising artists, thinkers and makers, all conscious of the importance of print as a field of research, but also of their responsibility in providing tomorrow’s creators with the adequate set of tools to make/think/link in a fragile world. Visiting international artists, curators, writers, publishers, musicians and lecturers significantly enrich the opportunities for dialogue, reflection and research. Cross-disciplinary classes and workshops, Erasmus exchanges, critical seminars, residencies, exhibitions and publications, help the students consciously develop a body of work directly in tune with their own concerns.

La Cambre’s Printmaking Department, together with CSM UAL and RCA (London) KASKA (Antwerp) HGB (Leipzig) et KABK (The Hague), is a member of the Printmaking Union.

Head of programme: Jean Pierre Muller, artist

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PMKPMQ : Studio proofs, 2019
Harold Lechien, Mark Brand, vue d’installation, jury Master 2, La Cambre, 2021
Harold Lechien, Mark Brand, installation view, Master 2 jury, La Cambre, 2021
Lou Cocody-Valentino, Archipel, vue d’installation, Currents #9 - Mother(Land), Z33 Hasselt, 2022 (photo Selma Gurbuz)
Lou Cocody-Valentino, Archipel, installation view, Currents #9 - Mother(Land), Z33 Hasselt, 2022 (photo Selma Gurbuz)
Paul de Toytot, Mauvaise Herbe, estampes à la pointe sèche épinglées au mur, 540 x 290cm, 2020
Paul de Toytot, Mauvaise Herbe, drypoint prints, 540 x 290cm, 2020
Xavier Duffaut, Fourt, vue d’installation, Ballroom Gallery, Bruxelles, 2022
Xavier Duffaut, Fourt, installation view, Ballroom Gallery, Brussels, 2022
Apolline Sanguinède, Cumulus, plaques de zinc taillées et polies à la main, dimensions variables, 2021
Apolline Sanguinède, Cumulus, zinc plates, various dimensions, 2021
Hugo Janin, Columba Livia #7, sérigraphie sur papier marouflé sur peuplier, 120 x 80 cm, 5 exemplaires, 2020
Hugo Janin, Columba Livia #7, silk-screen print on paper mounted on poplar, 120 x 80 cm, edition of 5, 2020
Eloïse de Sainte-Lorette, présentation de jury Bachelor 1, La Cambre, 2020
Eloïse de Sainte-Lorette, Bachelor 1 jury presentation, La Cambre, 2020
Brieuc Dufour, Qualia, impression digitale et encre de sérigraphie sur Hahnemühle contrecollé sur aluminium, 2020
Brieuc Dufour, Qualia, digital print and silk-screen ink on Hahnemühle mounted on aluminium, 2020
Romain Zacchi, installation jury M2, Espace Vandenborght, 2020
Romain Zacchi, installation view M2 jury, Espace Vandenborght, 2020
pmk01-sean tay-s
Sean Tay (M2), spatialisation exercise, 2019
pmk04-artists print-s
Students’ participation to Artists Print, Brass, Brussels, 2019
Private view of the OVERPR!NT show, Centre de la Gravure, La Louvière, 2018
Live-printing, private view of the OVERPR!NT show, Centre de la Gravure, La Louvière, 2018