Drawing is a full-fledged means of expression in its own right. It is part of a tradition, based on an ensemble of techniques and is characterized by an original dynamic. Like writing, drawing is both gestural and manufactured, an absolutely individualized imprint and an intelligible sign. It is a short circuit between the subjective and objective extremes. If the spirit of drawing is timeless, the space of drawing in contemporary art is to be continually invented. Drawing today means necessarily calling into question a relationship with the world.

The studio aims to ensure that the student acquires an artistic autonomy based on in-depth knowledge, appropriate know-how, an original sensibility and the capacity for critical evaluation of one’s own work.

The student is called upon to research, decipher and take into account the determining information for the development of a personal approach. This information comes to them from the outside world and more specifically from the world of art, but also from their own imagination, which they learn how to probe.

The teaching is provided in the studio, a site of exchanges in which students at every level work together. This education is entirely individualized, it being recognized that an important place is nevertheless accorded to the collective dimension, in the sense that the original input of each and every one is considered to be indispensable for all concerned. The studio’s professors maintain a rich interactivity with the arts courses, the general courses, the internal and external training programmes and more generally all of the learning activities taken by students enrolled in the drawing studio.

Pedagogical coordination :
Denis De Rudder, artist

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Dessin 1
Caroline Delaville, Sans titre, bois, filet d’échafaudages, projections vidéos, H 2,50 m x 12,00 m², étudiante diplômée (Master), 2017
Dessin 2
Charlotte Quinonero, Bachelier, Trace, graphite sur matériaux de récupération (panneaux de bois aggloméré) partiellement détruits, 72 x 280 x 10 cm
Dessin 3
Clara Marciano, Master, Le Grand Élastique, marqueur sur papier, 150 x 250 cm, 2018
Dessin 4
Inès Preux, étudiante diplômée (Master), Le Tronc, pastel sur papier, 130 x 200 cm, 2016
Dessin 5
Matthieu Vincent, Master, Tentative d'une représentation, aquarelle et crayon sur papier, 12,7 x 8,5 cm chacune, 2018
Dessin 6
Maxime Souvent, Master, Sans titre (Stimmung #4), béton et pigment sur papier marouflé sur toile, 180 x 120 cm, 2018