Management of the school

Per an official decree issued December 20, 2001 regarding higher education in the arts, the School organizes its management via certain representational and consulting bodies.

The Pedagogical Management Council (Conseil de Gestion Pédagogique - CGP)
This council establishes the artistic and pedagogical mission of the school and organizes its studies. It may be consulted for all pedagogical questions or any question dealing with pedagogical resources and/or assignments of school personnel. It is also essential when recruiting teachers.

It consists of the Director, the Deputy Director, 5 teacher representatives, 3 union representatives, 2 representatives of the assistants, 1 representative of the non-teaching staff and 5 student delegates. It is led by the Director. The teachers and the non-teaching staff representative are elected for a term of 4 years which may be renewed; the student reps are elected for 1 year, which may be renewed. The council meets once a month, more often at the beginning and end of the school year.

The Social Council
The Social Council establishes the social budget and is the authority on all questions pertaining to the students’ material and social conditions. Its annual budget is proportional to the number of students. It consists of representatives of the students designated by the Student Council, and an equal number of representatives of the teaching and administrative staff. The Director is a voting member of the Social Council and presides over meetings. The financial director of the school is also connected to the work of this council.

The Option Councils (“Conseil d’option”)
The Option Council offers propositions for the implementation of the artistic and pedagogical goals of the school, in each artistic department. It consists of all the teachers in each department as well as 4 student representatives (2nd to 5th years). A leader is elected from within the council.

The Student Council
The Student Council represents, defends and promotes students’ interests, in pedagogy and in school management. It circulates information between students and members of the community and consists of student representatives elected each year by the student body, at least 7 people, of which one is elected President. Its annual budget is 10% of the school’s annual endowment.

Each year at La Cambre, the Student Council elects an executive group of 3, who also participate in the Pedagogical Management Council and the Social Council. Elections for the 3 councils are held between March 1- April 30 and must involve a minimum of 30% of the students.

Committee for Basic Consultation (CoCoBa)
The CoCoBa consists of the Directors and a delegation of union organization (or a delegation of teaching/ administrative staff). The Preventive Advisor is a full member of the CoCoBa, independent of the delegations. The occupational medical doctor for the school is invited to meetings. The CoCoBa establishes rules and regulations for the length and organization of work at the school, internal order and security and all other matters pertaining to school personnel.