Exchange / Outgoing Students

Exchange / Outgoing Students

What you should know before applying for an exchange abroad ?

  • International exchanges take place during the first term. They are reserved for Master’s students. Taking into account the academic calendar of the partner institutions, the exchange can be extended until 15 February at the latest. No extension will be allowed in the course of the exchange. Exceptionally, and at the request of the tutor responsible for the artistic course of the programme, the Conseil de Gestion Pédagogige (CGP) can make an exception. In that case, the student will be heard by the CGP.

  • The exchange can take place in a European or non-European partner institution. A list of partner institutions is available from the Mobility Coordinator.

  • You will follow the courses in the host institution but will remain registered at La Cambre throughout the duration of your exchange.

  • The credits obtained during the exchange abroad will be counted in the programme of La Cambre.

  • You must be enrolled in La Cambre when submitting your application and during the exchange.

  • You must ideally present yourself before the winter holidays of the academic year preceding the exchange.

The Application Process

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Prepare Your Stay


You are responsible for finding accommodation in the host country. If the host institution does not provide accommodation within a student residence, it is recommended that you find accommodation before your arrival abroad.

Passport and visa

For non-European countries, it is necessary to obtain a passport and/or visa. You are responsible for the administrative procedure. Nevertheless, the Mobility Coordinator can accompany you during the procedure, at your request.

It is preferable to contact the Embassy or the Consulate of the country in which the exchange will take place to obtain the documents. Click here for all the addresses of Embassies/Consulates.


It is highly recommended to have some basic mastery of the language spoken in the host country. For exchanges within Europe, online language support, which is free but compulsory, is offered via the OLS platform (Online Linguistic Support).


La Cambre offers students basic insurance (civil liability and physical accidents) for all activities that take place in the context of the courses during the exchange.

Moreover, students must have health insurance. You must provide proof of your affiliation with a mutual insurance company by a document provided by the insurance company proving that your premiums have been duly paid. We also draw your attention to the fact that, although your national health insurance policy offers basic coverage during your stay in another EU country (for that purpose, carry your European health insurance card), the coverage offered by a European insurance card or a private insurance can be insufficient.

It is highly recommended that you take out, for these private activities, insurance coverage covering medical expenses, urgent dental care, legal assistance, luggage and travel documents as well as other exceptional expenses such as repatriation, permanent invalidity due to an accident, accidental death and sanitary transportation.

Important documents

Below you will find the most important documents that will validate your exchange. All these documents must be completed with the assistance of the Mobility Coordinator before the beginning of the exchange.

Grant agreement

A grant agreement detailing your rights and obligations must be signed in order to submit the funding application for the requested exchange.

Certificate of attendance

The document must be signed upon arrival at (and upon leaving) the host institution by the International Office. This is the document that will make available any grant that may be awarded.

Learning agreement

The learning agreement is certainly one of the most important exchange documents. It specifies the different courses followed in the host institution and the courses that will be validated at La Cambre after the exchange.

Transcript of records

At the end of the exchange, you must ensure that your transcript of records is sent to the Mobility Coordinator of La Cambre. As soon as this document has been received, the credits for the courses that have been successfully achieved during the exchange will be validated by La Cambre according to the elements that feature in the learning agreement.

Participant report

Within 30 days of the end of the exchange, you will have to take part in an online European survey.

Student charter

The Erasmus student charter details your rights and obligations and informs students of what you can expect from the home institution and the host institution at each step of the mobility.


It is important to plan for a realistic budget for a stay abroad.

In your capacity as a student enrolled in one of the mobility programmes, you will not have to pay the enrolment fees in the host institution but you must plan for the funds necessary for accommodation, transport and other living expenses.

Grants are available for exchange students. These grants are managed by the Mobility Coordinator of La Cambre.

These are the different grants available:

  • Mobility in one of the countries of the European Union: Erasmus+
  • Mobility outside the European Union: FAME
  • Mobility in the Flemish Region: Belgica

The amount of the grants differs according to the programme and is determined by the duration of the exchange and the destination. The grants do not cover all the expenses linked to the mobility period but constitute a contribution to the additional expenses pursuant to studying abroad.

A first transfer (80%) is made once the certificate of attendance in the host institution has been received. The remainder of the grant (20%) is transferred to the student once the documents necessary for the finalization of the mobility file have been received.

Grants are not allocated automatically. Their allocation depends on the funds available and can vary from one situation to the other.