Artistic and pedagogical project (excerpts)

In the fields of the plastic and visual arts and the use of space, La Cambre is the leading higher education and graduate Arts school of the Wallonia Brussels Federation in the capital of Belgium and of Europe. Its political and cultural situation contribute to its commitment to a quality, diverse education. In addition, La Cambre recognizes its place in the avant-garde history which is part of its past. (…) La Cambre is a state educational institution, and as such it offers a wide range of specialized studies. Currently eighteen different fields of study are offered in the fields of the plastic and visual arts and the use of space. The corresponding artistic disciplines are considered equally important and complementary; their diversity reflects the plurality of current practices in the art world today. A priority at La Cambre is creation, whether it be in the learning of knowledge or the perfecting of skills and practices. The school prepares students to perform the artistic functions which are essential to society, in activities already recognized and those which are to come. The school espouses no agenda nor any particular movement or trend, but it does include in its programs the questions which permeate contemporary society; it is a safe space for reflection and exchange. The departments encourage commitment to our common values: a capacity for initiative and invention, autonomy, competence, knowledge, a critical eye, personal authenticity and social awareness. Studies at La Cambre include two essential components: reinforcement and the spirit of openness. The student who is admitted to first cycle studies enters a specific artistic program, in which compulsory courses are supplemented by periods of reflection, something which will continue throughout his or her studies, strengthening and reinforcing his or her commitment. Students become aware of the specificities of their chosen medium as they move inevitably toward artistic autonomy Reinforcement is balanced by the spirit of openness, particularly in the exercise of crossdisciplinarity which La Cambre offers, based on the concept of free will and individual commitment. (…)