Book and paper design

The Book and Paper Design studio explores every aspect of the book and fully addresses all of its parameters. It implements a contemporary artistic approach through specific disciplines in which technical training remains indispensable. The field of possibilities is vast and varied: book design, the book as object, artist’s books, minimalist containers, or precious bookbinding, leather work, and paper and packaging design, etc. Throughout the bachelor’s degree, the programme aims to develop the student’s artistic and critical sense while progressively integrating the learning of bookbinding and the related technologies required to master all the stages involved in manufacturing a book. Specific courses provide computer skills in page layout and typography. In the master’s, the course examines the book as a medium, between editorial typography and artistic creation. At one and the same time the structure and the vector of meaning, the book is inscribed in a series of spaces and of associated practices whose contours students are given the opportunity to study: the art of the multiple, the mediation and displaying of the book, reading practices, and the networked book. Paper, in its abundant potential for use and transformation, is fully made use of throughout the course. A surface of communication and expression or a volume to be modelled, today it has become a full-fledged medium in its own right.

Pedagogical coordination :
Clara Gevart, book-binder, designer and Alexia de Visscher, graphic designer

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Reliure 1
Ellen Piot, Master, Leaf through - Une installation auditive, olfactive, tactile, gestuelle et spatiale dont l'activation est l'instinct humain.
Reliure 2
Eveline Cartron, Master, reliure Bradel - Albert Camus, La peste - Jean-Paul Sartre, La nausée
Reliure 3
Ivonne Gargano, Bachelier, Kill me with your luz - Blackmooning, extrait du livre “Le serpent cosmique” page 15, Jeremy Darby - Livre constitué de papier noir, texte découpé au laser et tranches argentées, déposé sur plaques de plexiglas.
Reliure 4
Manon Donckier, Bachelier, recherche couture / formats / quadrillage
Reliure 5
Salomé Boltoukhine, Bachelier, reliure expérimentale - L’idiot, Fiodor Dostoïevski
Reliure 6
Songyi Han, Master, reliure laquée (détail)