Inscription Master’s in Dance and Choreographic Practices 2021 — 2022

The application process

Conscious of today’s artistic challenges and the reality of the contemporary world, this master’s programme offers choreographers, tomorrow’s creators, a training framework for post-graduate education that combines and develops specific learning, competences and research in dance and its writing and production. Comprising a variety of different approaches and references, the programme is designed to reflect the aesthetic diversity and richness of choreography today.
The training course runs for two years, from September to June each year, at different sites of the associated organisations (INSAS, La Cambre, Charleroi danse/La Raffinerie) and at studios of other partners.
It is designed for students with an undergraduate degree and/or professional experience (accreditation of prior experiential learning, VAE) in the performing arts or whose research is linked to the body and movement.

How to apply

The application process for the Master’s in Dance and Choreographic Practices includes:

  • the presentation of a pre-selection dossier
  • an audition
  • payment of a tuition fee of € 350.03
  • Admissions are approved by a selection panel comprising teaching supervisors on the master’s programme and representatives of the various partner institutions. Admissions are confirmed upon payment of the tuition fee.

Application timetable

Date by which the pre-selection dossier should be received: 20 June 2021
Applicants are informed of their invitation to an audition and its date by 2 July 2021.
Date and place of the audition: 23 to 25 August 2021 at Charleroi danse/La Raffinerie in Brussels
Start of the programme: 14 September 2021

Student profile

The master’s programme is open to candidates who have an undergraduate degree, e.g. a bachelor’s, (in any field) and/or have at least 5 years’ credible professional experience (accreditation of prior experiential learning, VAE) in the performing arts or whose research is linked to the body and movement.
The international dimension of the master’s programme requires candidates to be bilingual in French and English.

Pre-selection dossier

The dossier may only be submitted via La Cambre’s admissions platform at the following address:
and must be received by 20 June 2021.

It comprises five documents, none of which should exceed 10 Mo:

  • a CV including a detailed presentation of the applicant’s degree course and his or her professional artistic and body practices
  • a covering letter outlining the applicant’s motivation
  • a presentation of a personal project of artistic research or creation that will be developed during the programme (maximum 4 pages)
  • a personal portfolio, for example containing texts, photographs and video links
  • a questionnaire about the candidate’s cultural motivation to be downloaded and completed


The audition will be in four stages:

  • applicants take part in a professional training session, observed by the selection panel
  • they will be invited to improvise in small groups based on the instructions given
  • they will present a choreographic proposition of their choice (maximum 10 minutes)
  • the audition is followed by an interview with the selection panel on the programme performed, the applicant’s motivations and the research project presented in the pre-selection dossier, the applicant’s professional goals and course requirements (approx. 20 minutes).
    The audition is not held in public.

Admission criteria

  • The appropriateness of the applicant’s background with what is expected on the master’s programme (course, professional experience and/or training and creative background allowing an appreciation of professional goals and competencies)
  • Reasons for wanting to do the master’s programme
  • The suitability of the research project in relation to the programme
  • The competence and quality of the choreographic performance
  • The applicant’s ability to work with others and reflect together in a team
  • Availability

Questions about your administrative file:

Questions relating to the admission test: